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It was Sunday morning, October 20th 2019 when I found my son David Michael in the living room of our home lying on the sofa.  He looked so peaceful that I thought he had fallen asleep at night while watching TV.  I soon realized he was not with us anymore.  He died of an accidental opiod drug overdose that was legitimately prescribed and dispensed to him.

At 20 years of age, our son was a brilliant individual and much wiser beyond his years.  Despite his young age he had the rare gift to connect with people and touch them in a way to make a difference.  It is in that spirit that we created this foundation to make a difference and prevent others from accidental death through prescription drugs.

Our goal is to turn personal tragedy into a noble cause that helps stop the opiod epidemic.  We hope that the foundation in his name creates a positive purpose to his legacy for the greater good, which gives us comfort as we are dealing with forever pain.